Now that this assignment is coming to an end I’d like to give an evaluation of how the blog has been going. Some tools were more useful than others. There are things I could have improved on and this assignment would have most definitely been easier with more prior experience.

Using social media to promote my blog had mixed effects. The required social media Twitter did not work very well as means of promoting my blog. This is because I was brand new to Twitter and had no history with the website and no followers to broadcast to. A non-required form of social media, Instagram and Facebook yielded much higher results because I had followers and friends who visited my page regularly.  I could have improved on my frequency of posting to the blog. With more posts, I could have had more visits to the site and I perhaps could have gotten more followers on Twitter. With prior experience, my writing would have been less choppy and one-dimensional. I also would have had a bigger understanding of how hard it is to maintain a blog.

In the future, I can put the experience of having a blog to professional use when I apply for summer internships and they ask me for any “Journalism experience”, I can show them my blog and the stats on it. This will also help the interviewers see that I am proficient in professionally communicating on social media.

Exposure wise, my best week was the one of September 26. I hade 11 views and one visitor. My first post “They Don’t Understand!” got the most views with a whopping 6 views! (note the sarcasm)


However, I think this post was the most popular because it was the most personal yet informational. I really let the readers see “me” and what I’m into. Of all of the site’s data, the most surprising thing to me was that it is harder to get views than I thought. Of all the Twitter posts I made about the blog the only people who ever clicked on them was my TA. The other views I got were from Instagram and Facebook.

Overall I think that this assignment was very enlightening. I have learned that people have to work very hard to find success in social media and blogging. The knowledge I have now makes me more excited for the future of this blog and the places it will go.



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