New Beginnings.

So as I have posted to this blog I began to realize that all of my posts are made up of almost the same recurring theme. Food. At first, I felt like I had failed at my mission. My mission was to incorporate organization, fitness, and food all into the same blog. This being my first attempt at a blog I did not realize how much work handling three categories would be. In order to show you my exercises, I would have had to get up a four in the morning just to make time in my day. Also, making posts on organization would require for me to actually be organized. My room looks like a tornado blew through. In short, I failed at my original task but I also succeeded.

I succeeded in figuring out exactly what I want to write this blog about. I know,, I know, I’m a bit late in the game! This blog first started out as a class assignment and I was planning on abandoning it once the semester was over. Then I realized that  I actually enjoyed what I was doing! Cooking cheap vegan meals and showing you all how to make them yourselves made me want to do my homework.

At the end of this semester,  I am going to be having a blog rebranding. The blog will stay as “The Working College Kid” but come January this blog will be all about cheap healthy cooking! I am so excited to show you all of my recipes and ideas for working college students eating on a budget! I will be posting regularly to Twitter and Instagram with updates about the blog. Follow me to stay posted! In the meantime here are some photos of recipes I can’t wait to show you!

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