Insomnia struck.

I woke up at midnight and laid there until 6:00 am when I finally drifted to sleep. When I opened my eyes I noticed something…. It’s a lot brighter than it usually is outside when I wake up. I’m late! My skin tingled as I untangled myself from the sheets, removed my pj’s and looked at the time. 9:00. I had class at 9:30. Taking the bus, I should have left the house already. No time to shower. I threw on clothes and ran out to catch the bus.

Little did I know that it had rained overnight. The moment I reached the bottom step my mocassins were soaked in dirty water. No time to stop. I kept going, kicking up water into my pants in the process. When I get to the bus stop I realize that I forgot to bring the camera and tripod with me to return to the school. Not wanting to miss the bus I decide to leave it.

20 minutes later….the bus still hasn’t arrived. I have missed half of my class, my feet are freezing, and I’m too paranoid that I will miss the bus so I never went back for the camera.

When the bus finally arrived it was packed. I had to stand and because of my shortness, there was nothing to hold onto. I politely asked a gentleman, “Would you mind holding onto the pole so that I can’t hold onto the rope? I can’t reach.” I got greeted with, “No, grow a few inches Freshman.” Turns out he wasn’t very “gentlemanly” after all. Also, I’m a Junior. I ended up looking like a child playing one of those dancing games at the arcade the whole ride over to the school. No one cared.

I made it to the last 10 minutes of class then realize that I forgot to complete the homework for my philosophy class. Feeling completely screwed over I headed to the class. Due to my lack of sleep the previous night, I fell asleep during class only to wake up to the sound of desks collapsing. Just to add salt to the wound, I sit in the front row. The professor no longer likes me very much.

After class, I had to skip lunch in order to grab my camera and tripod from home and return it to the school. I barely made it to my last class, Intro to Advertising. A fairly easy class. During class, I decided to check my email. There was a notice from my apartment complex….I forgot to pay my rent. Now there is a big, shiny $50 fine on my rent that I can’t afford. This day is going great.

After class, I headed straight to work where the customers were nothing but mean, horrible, and nasty to me. My manager gave me tasks to complete around the store while helping customers at the same time. To make matters worse, if I didn’t complete the tasks I wouldn’t be up for promotion. One couponer yelled at me that I scanned her coupons “wrong”and that I deserved t be fired. We went through the transaction 3 times until she saw that she was the one who messed up her math. Then she got upset and left without purchasing  a single thing.

I’m done. I’ve had it.

Then comes Renee.

She came up to buy some candy to get cash back and when I told her that I couldn’t give her cash back that day I was ready for armageddon. Instead she surprised me. She asked “Oh, that’s alright. How are you doing today.”

I said, “Tired, but I’m still breathing so I can’t complain. I feel worse for may co-worker. She’s been working 10 hours shifts  for the  pasts two weeks straight.”

She replied, “Oh my goodness! She makes my 9-5 look easy!”

She resumed walking around the store and when she came back she had some Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups and a couple of Gatorades. After she purchased them she said,

“I’ve never had to be in your position so I don’t know what it is like but it seems very hard and I am so thankful for what you do. I bought these for you and your coworker.”

I almost cried.

All it took was one person. One person to care. It didn’t matter if she knew what I was going through or if she had experienced something similar. She cared. That is something no one had done for me for the past few months now. Just as the straw was about to break my back she swooped in and lifted it off. I can keep going now.

You were perplexed by how thankful and overjoyed I was to see that you cared. You were confused when I thanked you over and over. But, you seemed to understand when I asked to take a picture with you. I said, “I want to remember this moment.” Your forehead relaxed with understanding. We were on the same page, Sometimes life sucks so much that when something good happens, you have to do all that you can to preserve that one moment.

Thank you, Renee. Thank you for caring.

– Lily


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