I Hate Exercise.

I love pizza.

I love cake.

I love sleeping in late.

I love looking at pictures of waffles on Instagram.

I hate having to constantly eat healthy.

I hate waking up early.

I hate looking at pictures like this on Instagram:

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Truth is:

My stomach will most likely never look like that. My thighs will never be that far apart. I would have to make myself sick to get this thin. One keyword that all of these pictures always seem to have is “exersice”. Exercise to become thinner, thinner, thinner. To most of these people “thinner  = happier”. This is not the case.

The word exercise as defined in the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary is :”physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier.” No where in this definition does it require a person to run until they drop, never miss a day, or severely limit your calories. My body is a temple and will be treated as such. A temple is a beautiful place, held to the highest of standards.

My body is beautiful fit, not skinny.  There are different types of “fit” and different body styles. Men and Women listen carefully. Exercise does not mean “hurt yourself”. It means “get to the best you.”

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