For a few weeks now I have been keeping an eye on a certain blogger. She has been providing inspiration to me as I have been preparing for these upcoming posts and I would like to share her with you! Her name is Maurlei Forcier and she is a vegan college student. Her blog is about how to be a vegan college student without having to cry over the grocery receipts! Instead of having to spend a whole paycheck on two-weeks worth of meals she helps you change your perspective on food and helps you save money!

In one of her posts’ Forcier gives us a list of cheap vegan foods affordable to almost anyone. These foods can be made into amazing dishes and work well for meal planning. Which is a must for all vegans, especially the busy college students. You can take a look at her grocery list here:


Maurlei Forcier

With dishes as beautiful as this and affordable too, she makes it hard to say no to veganism! Not only does she have recipes but she also reviews podcasts and gives infographic data on veganism! Her blog is fun and interesting to read and I hope you’ll give it a try!



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