They Don’t Understand!

Have you ever had to leave class early to attend work? Then you have to go to work angry at everyone because you missed important things in class? Me too.

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Managers set times and expect us to be at work regardless of when we have class or prior obligations. Work is your life and if it’s not you get stuck with the work no one wants to do. But not anymore! Here is my fool-proof way of getting your managers to understand your need to be in classes.

  1. Organizing your schedule is something you need to have done before you go out applying for jobs.
    • You MUST Know
      • Your school schedule
      • Your team schedule if you are in any athletics
      • Your religious obligations
      • Events you are planning on attending throughout the semester
    • Knowing these things will help you make an informed decision on what hours you can work. The person interviewing you will feel better about giving you a position if you know for sure when you are available and if you can show up when they need you.
  2. Show your drive and passion.
    • When your manager or future manager asks you about your major, don’t just tell the “Journalism”, elaborate.
      • Tell them why you and/or how you got into your major
      • Tell them about the classes you are in and what classes you are most excited about taking.
      • Tell them what you are planning on doing with your major. What you want to be when you “grow up”.
      • DON’T – Tell them all of this at once. (They don’t care that much, haha)
  3. Do Your Best Work!
    • When you show up for work whether it is your first or last day you MUST deliver your best work.
      • When the manager asks you to straighten up don’t just nudge things into looking straight. Make sure everything is where it belongs and looks professional.
      • There is ALWAYS something for you to do. When you haven’t been assigned a job or task, take it upon yourself to find something to do. There is always something that needs tending.
      •  Recap what you are told to do. Whenever your manager or shift supervisor asks you to do something repeat it and acknowledge them by saying “Got it” or “Yes Ma’am/Sir”.

Following these three steps will help you prolong your longevity in your job and will make your manager[s] more understanding of your situation. When you have to ask for the schedule to be changed because of your classes or prior obligations your manager will be more willing to make the change because you are organized, show your drive, and do your best work. Follow these three steps and organizing school and work will be a breeze!

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